The ten-year plan for Cardiff – NOW is the time to act!

Cardiff Council’s ten-year plan for the city – the Replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP) – will shape the city we love irrevocably. We are also at the tipping point for issues such as the Climate Emergency and the Biodiversity Crisis.

Cardiff Civic Society says that NOW is the time to act if we, the citizens, are to have a say in the outcome. 

If Cardiff is to remain an attractive place to live, if people and nature are to thrive, if communities are to have equal status with developers, if social injustice is to be addressed effectively, then YOUR contribution to the LDP is vital.

Please email the team responsible at before July 23 – even if it’s just a one liner.  

Issues you might like to consider include.


Unless drastic action is taken, given rising sea levels and climate change induced downpours, thousands of homes in Cardiff could be under water within three decades.  This could mean your home will be uninhabitable.

*Nature in crisis.  

This is the age of extinction, and biodiversity has never been more threatened. One in six species in Wales are under threat.  Human survival depends on biodiversity.  Pollinators like butterflies and bumble bees; birds such as swifts and swallows; bats; hedgehogs and otters – all need a home in our city.  This includes protecting habitat and creating new habitat; provision of wildlife corridors in existing streets and new builds, hedgehog highways, bird and bat nesting and roosting boxes,  wildlife friendly planting and less mowing.

*Traffic and transport

Traffic-related nitrogen oxide (N0x pollution) and particulate pollution from vehicle tyres, brakes etc combine to give the UK the highest asthma-related deaths in children in Europe.  Electric vehicles do not address the issue of particulate pollution, which is extremely hard to shift from the lungs.

If people are to leave their cars at home, we need to have efficient public transport, and cycleways need to be on roads, not driven through parks, so that people can travel safely.  A liveable city also needs to give more than a cursory nod to pedestrians. 

*Affordable housing.  

Developers are currently allowed to get away without including affordable housing in their developments, and Cardiff Council fails to implement its own policies to curb the greed of developers.  The new LDP can address this inequality.

*Diversity and inequalities.

The RLDP must address diverse needs. For example, there is no mention of race equality, despite all the evidence that this is significant for housing or health.

*Creation of community land trusts 

Enabling local people to protect the things they cherish in their neighbourhood.  

*Twenty minute neighbourhoods and the city centre  

Where all the facilities citizens need are within a 20-minute walk.  A luxury less well-heeled neighbourhoods are denied.

Re-purposing the city centre and its empty shops and offices in a post-Covid world.

* Green space 

Protection of green space, and creation of green space, for the health and well-being of all.  Cities such as Birmingham and Nottingham have twice as much per capita public open space as Cardiff – and they are being imaginative in creating more parks and wildlife areas.  Turning a disused shopping centre into a park and wetland for example.

Inequality of green space.  It’s a myth that Cardiff is a green city. Many areas of the city have well below UK average access to green space.  This inequality was highlighted by the pandemic.

 *Protecting the city’s heritage. 

 Iconic buildings such as the neglected Coal Exchange, and much-loved local landmarks that tend to fall to development, such as Guildford Terrace, where only the facades remain, need to be valued in the new LDP.

 *The regional context.

Cardiff’s future  cannot be determined without taking a wider view across the region, which opens up options for responding to matters like flooding, housing and transport. This is barely mentioned in the RLDP consultation paper.

About Cardiff Civic Society

Cardiff Civic Society campaigns for the protection of our fantastic urban green spaces and our built heritage, as well as fighting against inappropriate development.
In recent years we have fought more than 35 campaigns.
The Society lobbies the council and Welsh Government on issues such as better, cleaner public transport,  improved air quality, protection of  our mature green infrastructure, reduced mowing and banning of glyphosate to protect nature and human health.
We have set up a Green Advisory Group to help create a more nature friendly Cardiff, and have planted wildlife hedging and launched Cardiff Meadows Project to help pollinators.
We also run a successful tree planting project, Canopy Cardiff/Canopi Caerdydd to increase the city’s canopy.
We are always happy to help communities faced with the might of developers.
We don’t always succeed, but in the immortal words of the late Bob Crow: “If you fight, you won’t always win, but if you don’t fight, you will always lose”…

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