Potentially dangerous new buildings – the questions Cardiff Council must answer

Pic: ‘Building boom’ William Murphy

Cardiff Civic Society are concerned to have it confirmed in the South Wales Echo (29 March 2021) that Cardiff council has not had a building control operational manager since at least September 2020.  
A spokesperson for the Council said Mr James Clemence, the head of planning is now responsible for that role.  The Civic Society believes that this does not provide sufficient capacity for such an important role.  
Cardiff Council now has to answer the following questions:
– What steps is the council taking to recruit an operational manager for building control?
– How long has this post been vacant?
– In the the absence of an operational manager, who is responsible for being available, on call, to deal with the control of dangerous buildings during and outside normal working hours?
– Likewise, who is responsible  for the instigation of legal proceedings in the event of contraventions of the Building Regulations and also represent the Council in Court in any such case and to assist the Council’s solicitors in the preparation of the case?
– Likewise, who is responsible for exercising delegated powers in relation to the approval, rejection, or relaxation of applications submitted under the Building Regulations?
– Finally, is the decision to leave this post vacant part of a deliberate policy on behalf of the council to make the planning and regulatory environment as lax as possible to encourage an increased amount of property development in the city?

In a recent blog post Cardiff Civic Society revealed that Cardiff Council did not have an operation manager for building control, despite the importance of the post to public safety.

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