Cardiff council bid to attract Brexit museum to Bute Park

Image credit: Tim Reckman

By: Bjorn Sharry, Business Reporter

Cardiff council is the running to attract the proposed Brexit museum to the capital city.  Papers to the Cardiff city council cabinet reveal that council officers favour Bute park as the ideal site.

Len Foole, Cardiff’s head of capital projects said:  “People might object to the siting of a divisive museum in parkland during a culture war.  But they would be missing the point.  Nothing is more important to Cardiff’s future than shoring up the revenue streams of multi-national construction firms and this delivers on our commitment to their on-going economic well being.”

Council deputy leader, Pugh Thomas said:
“We have no idea why the Museum of Brexit would rather locate in Cardiff rather than in Dudley and Grimsby but if I were to guess it would be our devotion to rich and powerful property developers and our commitment as a council to the high grade philistinism.”

Museum of Brexit spokesperson April T First said
“Cardiff is the ideal location for the museum of Brexit.  We’re impressed by the council’s hard headed deregulatory regime. Few councils can match Cardiff’s commitment to placing the needs of property speculators first.  With the recent news that Cardiff doesn’t even have a head of building control to check the quality of new builds we realised that Pugh Thomas’ blind support for any kind of building whatsoever was unmatched by any comparable town along the entire M4 corridor, and that includes Bridgend and Swindon.”

Emma Killjoy from the Friends of the Friends of Cardiff’s parks said:
“Quite a few of our members are actually keen Leavers but when they heard that Pugh Thomas was in favour it they knew it must be bad.”

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