‘Come clean on planned park sale’, say Bay residents

The Friends of Britannia Park have written a formal complaint to Cardiff Council about its controversial plans to sell a much loved children’s park

Cardiff County Hall (left) at sunset. Pic: Geraint Rowland

The Friends of Britannia Park have written an official complaint to Cardiff Council. The complaint questions the council’s claim that unelected official, Neil Hanratty, the director of economic development has authority to sell land at Britannia Park which belongs to the people of Cardiff.

According to residents, the is the final opportunity for Cardiff Council to address their position before a complaint is taken to the Public Services Ombudsman.

A spokesperson for the Friends of Britannia Park said: “We question the claim that Mr Hanratty has authority to sell the lawned, wooded area of the park, nor the location of the historically important lock-keeper’s cottage. The fact is, a 2018 Cardiff cabinet paper was clear that Mr Hanratty was only authorised to sell the gravelled area of the park.”

Campaigners are demanding that Cardiff Council economic development department, which is led by Cllr Russell Goodway be open with the people of Cardiff by publishing all the details relating to authority to sell Britannia Park, rather than keeping them secret.

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