Cardiff Council responsible for plan to site Military Medicine Museum on children’s park

Military Medicine Museum Trust say council persuaded them to favour Britannia Park for their new five storey building

An exhibit from the National Civil War Museum, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA, which recreates a Union field hospital at the battle of Gettysburg. Photo credit: Taylor Studios

Cardiff council’s economic development department, led by Cllr Russell Goodway are responsible for selecting Britannia Park as the potential site of the Museum of Military Medicine.

In a letter to a member of the Save Britannia Park campaign, Jason Semmens, the director of the museum said:

“At all stages of our project development we have acted in good faith and have been guided by Cardiff Council concerning the choice of site.”

Mr Semmens in added, in response to concerns from local residents:

“If I may, your argument is with Cardiff Council and its intentions for that part of the Bay. If it is not the museum on Britannia Quay, then it will be some other development on that site, as the council confirmed in its press release included with the South Wales Echo article of 12 February 2021.”

A campaigner from the Friends of Britannia Park campaign said:

“We are very grateful to Museum of Military Medicine for this clarification. The Friends of Britannia Park campaign did not object to the council’s previous preferred locations for the Museum. We are opposed to its location on Britannia Park. As the Museum say, the decision to locate on Britannia Park rests with Cllrs Russell Goodway, Huw Thomas and Peter Bradbury. We urge them to remove the park from sale and to assist the museum in finding a more suitable location.”

You can join local residents by writing to Cardiff Council asking them not to sell Britannia Park to the Museum of Military Medicine.

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