#Cardiff cabinet members for parks and children face serious questions for ignoring children’s rights

Children’s playground, Britannia Park, Butetown – under threat from council plans for a military museum

Cllr Peter Bradbury, Cardiff cabinet’s member for parks and Cllr Graham Hinchey, the cabinet member for children face serious questions about their plans to sell land at Britannia Park to the museum for military medical history and its impact on a children’s park and playground.

As reported by the Civic Society, plans for a military museum at Britannia Park will almost certainly force the playground to close. There are no plans in place to replace it. Furthermore the plans entail significant loss of green space which is popular with children and families.

These are the questions Cllrs Bradbury and Hinchey must answer:

  • How do these plans accord with goal five of Cardiff’s Child Friendly Strategy that “Children have good physical, mental and emotional health and know how to stay healthy [and that in order to support this] children, young people and partner organisations work together to ensure access to safe outdoor environments for formal and informal play.”?
  • How do these plans accord with section 11 of the Children and Families (Wales) Measure 2010 that places a duty on local authorities to assess and secure sufficient play opportunities for children in their area? We remind you that the Play Sufficiency Duty comes as part of the Welsh Government’s anti-poverty agenda and that Britannia Park is located in Butetown, an area of multiple deprivation.
  • What steps have you taken to ensure that children have been consulted as part of the cabinet’s plan to sell off this play area and threaten the viability of the children’s playground? We remind you that the Children and Families (Wales) Measure 2010 states in Part 1 Chapter 2 states that a local authority must make such arrangements as it considers suitable to promote and facilitate participation by children in decisions of the authority which might affect them.

Finally, we would ask you whether you would be content if a children’s play area and playground in your wards of Caerau and Heath were about to be sold to developers? Would you be willing for this to go ahead?

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