Local Labour councillor objects to #Cardiff military museum plans

Reclaim Cardiff protest in solidarity with local residents against a military museum in Britannia Park, 12 December 2020

Butetown councillor Saeed Ebrahim has voiced his objections to plans for a military museum on a children’s play area in his ward.

Writing in a formal objection to Cardiff council, he said:

“I am acting on behalf of the residents of the Butetown ward and objecting to
this application as the local Ward Councillor for the following reasons:
“Local residents are concerned about the impact on Britannia Park as well as
the loss of grassed area and trees, the large building will dominate the park
and overshadow what is left. The children’s play area would be affected. It is
unnecessary to build over the park when there is empty public wasteland
“The application makes no provision for this, simply assuming that existing
transport links and parking spaces will suffice. This is despite claiming up to
225,000 expected visitors a year, which could mean a few thousand on peak
days. There is already a shortage of public parking spaces in the area.
“At 5 storeys high, the building will tower over the Norwegian Church, providing
an unsightly background for iconic views across the Bay that are used to
promote our City.”

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