Yes – #Cardiff councillors can hold a vote on chair of planning

Boost to campaign for people’s voices to be heard on controversial schemes

Main entrance to Cardiff City Hall, Richard Williams

Davina Fiore, Cardiff council’s head of governance has confirmed that any councillor can call for a recorded vote to appoint the chair of planning.

Current practice is to appoint the chair of planning without a vote. However, in a letter to the Civic Society Ms Fiore said:

“The appointment of committee chairs is governed by legislation and the Council’s constitution and is carried out in accordance with these requirements. A recorded vote is not a requirement, and where the appointment of members has already been agreed between the political parties will be treated as opposed business and passed by one resolution. However this does not have to be the case, and if any member wishes for an item of unopposed business to be dealt with separately by a vote, they may request the Chair to take a vote on that item and the chair will do so.”

Nerys Lloyd-Pierce, the chair of Cardiff Civic Society said:

“It is good news that Cardiff council have confirmed that any councillor can request a recorded vote on the chair of planning.

“This is one of the most important elected posts in the city. It sits at the centre of our democracy. The chair of planning gets to steer decisions about the future of our green spaces and much loved old buildings. It is crucial that a vote is held on their appointment. It is too important to be ‘nodded through’.”

Cardiff Civic Society are campaigning for the people’s voice to be heard when green spaces or much loved old buildings are under threat at the planning committee. Holding a recorded vote on the chair of planning will be a first step in the process. Ultimately the Civic Society wants to see the position appointed in a ‘free vote’, without interference from the city’s powerful cabinet.

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