Demand a free vote on the chair of planning!

Are you sick of the way Cardiff planning committee is ruining our city? Allowing ugly high rise developments to spoil the centre; destroying green spaces and allowing old buildings to be torn down.

Then join our campaign to demand a free vote on the powerful chair of planning. Write to your councillors NOW asking for change!

Remember to include examples from your own area or across the city which you care about, whether in the past or threatened in the future. From the destruction of Guildford Crescent to the threat of a Museum of Military History.

You can make some of the following points:

  • The chair of planning should not be a political appointment controlled by the whips of the ruling group
  • The chair of planning should be answerable to the people of Cardiff. They should be appointed by a free vote of councillor, free of the threat of party discipline.
  • The voice of the people of Cardiff should be heard in the planning system.

For more information about our campaign read our about how Cardiff Civic Society is calling for powerful planning chair to be appointed independently, so that the voice of the public can be heard.

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