Revealed: Shocking Scale of Damage to Roof of #Cardiff Coal Exchange

Exlusive new drone photography show extent of neglect

Demands that Cardiff Council and Cadw, the national heritage body take action
Damage to roof of Coal Exchange, 19 October 2020.

Exclusive drone photographs reveal the extent of the damage to the roof of Cardiff’s Coal Exchange.

With regard to the restoration of the Coal Exchange, in a report dated December 2017 Cadiff Council Planning Officers stated to the CADW heritage agency and the Welsh Government that ‘the process of incremental exploration, assessment and proposal has been working well in terms of realising an appropriate restoration of a long term derelict structure.’

With this in mind, Cardiff Civic Society and Save the Coal Exchange were concerned and dismayed to learn that in the three years since this report the various stakeholders responsible for the restoration of the Coal Exchange have not made the building watertight but instead chosen to leave the roof of the building in a state of disrepair, as shown by the following photograph:

Coal Exchange from above – seriously damaged roof area is in bottom left of the photo, 19 October 2020

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