Why the Northern Meadows need protecting

Socially distanced protest to protect the Northern Meadows, Whitchurch, 20 June 2020

The Northern Meadows in Whitchurch are an oasis of calm in the centre of one of the fastest growing cities in the UK.

On Saturday, June 20, more than 300 people from around Cardiff gathered on there to show their support for protecting the meadows from a hospital development.  This follows on from a petition signed more 10,000 people, and a plea from organisations throughout Cardiff to protect the meadows for future generations.

The campaigners’ argument is that the new £210 million Velindre Cancer Centre should be moved to a brownfield  site – as their slogan runs, yes to Velindre, no to the meadows.

Tessa Marshall, lead campaigner for Save the Northern Meadows, says,

“The meadows, this irreplaceable green space,  provide health and well-being for so many people. Research shows beyond doubt that access to green spaces actually save the NHS money by reducing stress, anxiety and depression.  Green space has been invaluable during the lockdown, and communities have relied heavily on the meadows in Whitchurch.

Sadly, media outlets have chosen to present us as demonstrating against the new Velindre Cancer Centre. This is absolutely not the case..  We have all been touched by the effects of cancer. Whether ourselves, our friends, family or neighbours, we are certainly not opposed to a new cancer centre, as the people of south Wales deserve – we just want it on a brownfield site – a win-win solution, saving green space for the benefit of the community, and creating a new cancer centre in a less damaging situation. 

We have huge support for this solution – even many staff members working at Velindre do not agree with the construction of the hospital on the meadows site.” 

Further information can be found at the Save the Northern Meadows Facebook page

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