Beat the deadline: object to new houses in Ely river countryside near Leckwith!

Ely trail, Leckwith, near the proposed new housing development

Cardiff Civic Society is calling on residents to beat the deadline for objections to plans for new houses in a woodland area in Leckwith

You can object by writing to: <>
<>, <>

Cardiff Civic Society objects to these plans to build a new housing estate the Vale side of the Ely River, with a road bridge over the water and alterations to the junction with Hadfield Road, by the Cardiff International Sports Campus.

Here is the text of our letter to Vale of Glamorgan council:

“Cardiff Civic Society wishes to raise grave concerns relating to the damage this proposal will have on biodiversity in this environmentally sensitive area. As well as the proposed loss of mature trees forming part of the SINC.

“The area is hugely important to species such as otter, the conservation red-listed song thrush and mistle thrush, great spotted woodpecker, treecreeper and nuthatch, as well as being important to invertebrates and species such as the common lizard, which, despite its name, is no longer common due to loss of habitat.  It is also home to protected species such as bats.

“The development itself, and the construction process, will have an extremely negative impact on the biodiversity of this area and will contravene Section 6 of the Environment Wales (2016) Act, which places a statutory duty to protect and enhance biodiversity.  This legislation is particularly relevant in this case, as the proposal involves damage to the SINC.

“The visual impact of such a large development also needs to be taken into consideration.

“It is also clear that this site does not form part of the Vale of Glamorgan’s LDP on housing, and therefore may be subject to legal action should planning permission be awarded.”

More details:

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