How did Cardiff council respond to tree felling in Llandaff Fields?

Works at Penhill Road – the gap is where mature Sycamores stood until 8 June

No fundamental breach of planning consent

Bird nesting concerns a matter for the Police and Natural Resources Wales

Cardiff Council have responded to widespread public concern and anger at the felling of mature Sycamores on public land by private developers during nesting season with the following letter:

“In response to your query regarding the removal of trees at Penhill House, Officers have promptly investigated the situation.

“At the outset, it appears that the trees removed accord with those shown for removal on the consented scheme at Penhill House. All pre-commencement conditions have been discharged and the consented scheme showed the removal of a number of Sycamore trees which appear to have been the trees recently removed.

“The approved plans also show the retention of other trees and landscaping along the boundary to Llandaff Fields including the large Sycamore on the northern edge, large Lime in the middle section and other laurel and mature trees which form a distinctive boundary towards Penhill Road. Replacement landscaping details also form part of the consented scheme.

“The decision to approve the proposal was taken at Planning Committee in the knowledge of the above information.

“Officers are currently investigating the details and circumstances of the method/operational matters in relation to the removal works and seeking input from relevant parties to establish the precise details, along with appropriate response and a further update will be provided once this work has been completed. However, it would appear that there has been no fundamental breach of the planning consent in that no trees shown for retention appear to have been removed.

“With regard to bird nesting concerns, this issue is not covered by a Planning Condition but would be a matter for the consideration of the Police and Natural Resources Wales who would need to investigate if there had been a breach of Wildlife legislation.”

Justin Jones BA(Hons), MSc, MSc, MRTPI
Principal Planner
Planning, Transport and Environment
Cardiff Council

4 thoughts on “How did Cardiff council respond to tree felling in Llandaff Fields?

  1. “With regard to bird nesting concerns, this issue is not covered by a Planning Condition”

    I’m not sure this is true. The Committee Report is pretty clear that permission was granted subject to the development being carried out in accordance with (among other documents), the “Arboricultural Method Statement – Rev 21 June 2018”.

    That document is very clear that:

    * “All tree removals and treeworks are to be undertaken by Cardiff Parks Department” [p2]
    * The tree removals have to consider bat roosts and birdnesting. The felling and clearing of the trees
    will be undertaken between 1 October and 1 March inclusively. [p3]

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  2. Having read the planning docs, I can’t see why the planning committee gave permission – with no objections from the Council’s Parks dept or Tree Officer – for the removal of several mature, healthy sycamore trees in Llandaff Fields, which are beyond the boundary of the development. The Arboricultural report marks these trees as being healthy and posing no risk, but says their removal would “facilitate the development”. So essentially removing several mature trees in a public park, for the benefit of a private development?

    The planning dept and Parks dept were apparently happy with this, on the basis that the developer will plant a few replacement saplings to “offset” the loss – even though these will take decades to mature.

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    1. Hello RT. Did you download and keep a copy of the arboriculturalist’s report? It has mysteriously been removed from the council’s website. If you have a copy, could you add it here? Thanks for your great support. CCS


  3. Cardiff planning have once again shown that they are obviously not fit for purpose generally and particularly when it comes to protecting precious trees and the environment. Remember their massacre of the trees in Waterloo gardens a few years ago offering the same pathetic reasons why it was essential. This city needs our mature trees morevthan ever now seeing how high the levels of pollution are here. These planners ( so called ) have ruined the city centre with the many ugly oversized, unimaginative, miserable looking monoblocks that have sprung up over the last couple of decades. Now they are bent on destroying our trees and green fields.
    What kind of a depressing horrible city are they going to leave for our kids to inherit ?

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