#Cardiff Bay’s last green space under threat from Military Museum no one else wants

Britannia Park playground, Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay’s last green space are under threat from a Military Museum that nobody else wants.

According to a post by those promoting the Museum of Military History other towns and cities were approached but weren’t interested. Cardiff was chosen for reasons of proximity to England:

“The site in Cardiff was chosen after earlier approaches to other cities around the United Kingdom came to nought. Cardiff is viewed as an advantageous location due to its effective transport links; the city is no more than a two-hour drive from the South West [of England], London and the West Midlands, with good rail and air connections. Cardiff City Council also recognizes the significance of bringing a national collection to the city as part of its tourism offer as it seeks to establish itself as a European capital. The Cardiff site offers the best opportunity to rebrand the Army Medical Services Museum as a fit-for-purpose modern museum.”

Writing in objection to the plans, local resident Lyn Beynon said:

“Other locations would, it appears, have been preferred but Cardiff appears to have been more enthusiastic, even though there are many places across the UK that have stronger connections with military medicine, either historically and currently. Cardiff Council’s aspiration to host the collection is understandable but have the costs and risks been properly assessed?”

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