Cardiff Riding School under threat – again

Wizard and Barney (l-r) – the smallest horse in the school, nose to nose with one of the largest

Cardiff Riding School is a glorious rural oasis in the heart of Cardiff.  Last autumn the establishment celebrated its 50th birthday.

The school is one of the only, or possibly the only, local authority owned riding schools in the country, supported by a fantastic Friends group, and providing an invaluable Riding for the Disabled service.

In 2013, Cardiff Council stated its aim to close the facility.  A strongly fought, and hugely well supported campaign followed, and the riding school was saved.

However, documents obtained recently by Cardiff Civic Society reveal that the council, once again, is looking to off-load the school. Suggestions have been made of a take-over by Cardiff & Vale College, although it’s not clear if this possibility is still on the table in the council’s current  ‘proposals’. The documents were obtained following a freedom of information request.

The riding school is a special place, providing a friendly and welcoming environment for riders of all ages and abilities to receive expert instruction, and to learn about caring for horses and ponies.  It brings a huge amount of pleasure to so many people.  The centre is approved by the prestigious British Horse Society.

It also became the first riding centre in Wales to be awarded a Riding for the Disabled accessibility accreditation.  This quality mark enables disabled riders who cannot access Riding for the Disabled groups, to attend the centre, knowing that the riding school has the training, knowledge and horses to provide them with the best possible experience.

The school has weathered the last 50 years, here’s to the next 50.

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