Keep our children’s park; No Military Museum, demand local Cardiff residents

Residents of Butetown have written to James Clemence, the director of planning in Cardiff council to object to plans to destroy a children’s playground and park in Cardiff Bay and to replace it with a Military Museum.

In a 33 page dossier (below) delivered to city bosses in County Hall, local residents object to the plans for the following reasons:

A. The precedent of previous planning decisions from the initial creation of the park as a valuable open space through subsequent decisions confirming that it should be kept as such.

B. The loss of green open space in a ward and local area that has an existing deficiency in this, in breach of local policy on protection of open space.

C. The scale and dominance of the proposed building on a site at which it will reduce the leisure amenity of the remaining green space and the visual amenity of existing vistas.

D. The extra demand this new attraction will place on local transport and parking facilities, with no provision for disabled parking.

E. The design and appearance of the external material, which is inappropriate for a park with heritage features.

As reported in Cardiff News Plus in February a campaign has been launched to protect the last wooded green space in Cardiff Bay.

2 thoughts on “Keep our children’s park; No Military Museum, demand local Cardiff residents

  1. If the council are do keen to have a museum in the bay, why are they not purchasing one of the empty buildings that already exist there. They’ve been empty for years. It appears they would rather take away precious green space from residents.

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