Suffolk House Trees Saved – for Now

More shame for CPS Homes as they attempt to fell trees – without permission to close road

Protestors and Councillor intervene to save trees – for now

Local residents prevented contractors for CPS Homes from felling trees in a conservation area in Canton today.

CPS Homes’ contractors blocking the pavement, closing a bus stop and part closing Romilly Road, without permission from Cardiff council

The developers had attempted to shut part of the road to carry out the destruction – but hadn’t received the approval of the council to do so.

CPS Homes’ contractors destroying a mature tree in Romilly Road with a cherry picker which was blocking part of the street without the council’s permission

Following an intervention by Cllr Ramesh Patel, CPS Homes contractors left the site.

CPS Homes’ contractors blocking the pavement and part of the road without permission from the local authority in order to destroy a mature tree in a conservation area

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