Developer ignores residents’ pleas for trees

John Pinn, director of Quin’s developers and CPS Homes estate agents refuses to save mature trees at Suffolk House

In an open letter to Canton residents, property speculator Pinn denies he can do anything to secure the future for century old community trees.

Local resident and architect, Miranda Dettwyler responded to Mr Pinn saying:

“We were all very pleased that you said you share our concern for the trees and the safety of the wall at Suffolk House.  Therefore, we were very disappointed to receive your open letter.  We’ve made it clear that there are a number of qualified arbourists, structural engineers and architects in the neighbourhood who are more than willing to provide you free-of-charge the necessary information to repair/replace the wall without removing the trees.  The local qualified arbourist has assessed the trees as having at least a half century left of life in them and your own tree report by Soltys Brewster lists them as having at least 20 years left. 

“Our offer still stands, if you would allow the local professionals to meet with your own consultants, I am certain a way forward can be found. The local structural engineer has a number of proposals he is happy to discuss with you. 

“If you are not willing to arrange such a meeting, then it shows how disingenuous your original offer of community engagement was. 

Your statement that you do not require permission to remove the trees is patently false.  As any construction professional knows, trees within a conservation area require planning permission to be removed. 

“Unfortunately for local residents, you have been granted that permission.  We had hoped that your offer of engagement was heartfelt.”

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