CPS Homes will be ‘forever remembered, thanked and praised’ if they save the copper beech

Joy Lock, the president of the campaign to save the trees at Suffolk House has written a moving letter to developer John Pinn, director of the CPS Homes group

Dear Sir

I am taking the liberty of writing to you as a last resort in my appeal to save the magnificent Copper Beech at Suffolk House, Romilly Road, Cardiff.

Please hear me out. 

I absolutely love the Copper Beech, reported to be over 100 years old and, according to Aborist Mr Michael Stowell, is healthy and can be of use to humanity for another 70-80 years or so. Also Mr Roger Thornley, Structural Engineer, who can suggest ways to save and secure the tree.

What a great thing it must be for you to provide housing to so many people. 

What a wonderful thing that must be to reflect  on and to bask in the pleasure of having had the privilege and ability to have created so many new dwellings which you will build at Suffolk House for people to call HOME.  A privilege not given to many.

John Pinn is a director CPS Homes group, including Quin & Co, the developers of Suffolk House

I have always felt that privileges like this enable people to set the Gold Standard towards leaving good footprints in the sands of time.  Saving this particular tree, will enhance the frontage of Suffolk House,  it will help towards Climate Change, Clean Air, help the children in the Nursery opposite to breathe oxygen, instead of the polluted air, also the old age pensioners in the OAP Home opposite, the many people who use the Hub at Llanover Hall, numerous dog walkers, those using the 61 bus plus pedestrians, and people in cars waiting & idling at the lights.

This tree is priceless in what it can do for us.

I know and truly appreciate that plans and more money may have to be spent by you to give us this gift – but I can tell you from experience – being 78 years old – that money is of no use at the close of life.  The only thing that matters is the mantra I abide by and which I hope you will like.

                  “The lives of great men all remind us

               We must keep our lives sublime

                  And departing, leave behind us

                  Footprints in the sands of time” 

You will be forever remembered, thanked and praised when people look into the history of Suffolk House, and see you saved the Copper Beech.

Yours in anticipation and living in hopes. 

Joy Lock

Please support our campaign by writing to John Pinn, Director Quin & Co/ CPS Homes, 66 Albany Road, CF24 3RR to say why you want to save the mature trees at Suffolk House

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