Demand for council leaders to be open about their meetings with property developers

Cardiff West Labour party has called on Cardiff council to establish a register of meetings with property developers

The general committee of the Cardiff West Labour party recently approved the following motion. It highlights concerns about the relationship between property developers, leading councillors and officials which have arised during the course of the Suffolk House campaign.

The motion reads as follows:

More and more people are getting concerned about the future of Cardiff.  

Many controversial decisions are being made without the support of the city’s residents.  

For example:

– the decision to demolish Guildford Crescent [since changed]

– the decisions to allow many more tall unsightly student appartments in the city centre and Cathays

– the decision to demolish Cardiff bus station without a replacement first being in place

– Cardiff council’s policy of selling off its properties to private developers

Decisions regarding the future of our city should be based on the principles of place-making where the views of the people who live in the city are given equal weight to those of property developers. 

In line with Welsh law, the needs of future generations should also be given far greater weight.  New buildings and infrastructure should be designed to tackle climate change and so give priority to clean and safe forms of transport and construction.  

 Transparency and democracy are the most important principles.  There is no evidence whatsoever of an improper relationship between councillors and developers.  However, there is a lack of transparency around the relationship between councillors in Cardiff and developers.  Therefore, we call upon Cardiff Council to follow the lead of Hammersmith and Fulham council and to publish a full list and notes of all meetings between councillors, senior officials and developers.  

Cardiff West Labour party sent a copy of the motion to council leader, Cllr Huw Thomas and a response is awaited.

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