Please Keep Mature Trees

Letter to the developers

We’ve written to the developers Quin and Co (part of the CPS Homes group of companies) to ask them to reconsider their plans

Further to Cardiff council’s planning committee’s decision to grant you development rights for the above property, we, as local residents, are very much in favour of development of the Suffolk House site provided that the plans are more in keeping with the area.

Felling these would alter the whole aspect of the conservation area within which they stand

Firstly, we would ask that you keep more of the mature trees alongside Romilly Road.  In particular, the copper beech tree and its neighbour (as in the picture below) are of vital importance to the whole appearance and ecology of the area – especially in ameliorating the pollution near the busy junction.  Felling these would alter the whole aspect of the conservation area within which they stand, and, if they were to be felled, it would be a long time before any replacements could contribute to the environment to the extent that they do now.  We realize that there is a trade-off between profit and maintaining the quality of the environment, but keeping a green environment around the existing main Suffolk House would greatly enhance the value of the new properties and the quality of life of its new residents and, also, maintain the environmental quality of the whole area.

The vicarage site on the corner of Conway Road and Romilly Crescent constitutes an excellent precedent for maintaining these mature trees.  There, a similar copper beech and another tree, which are both right on the boundary with the road, have been allowed to stand as part of a lawn and garden area around the redeveloped apartment block which was formed from the existing vicarage building.  This is a very successful development which makes a positive contribution to the environment in which it stands.

let’s work together to keep our city an integral part of a better, greener and more sustainable place

At a time when the whole of Cardiff is undergoing massive residential development with all the pressures that that this is exerting on the environment and the infrastructure, it is surely down to local residents, developers and our council to work together to keep our city an integral part of a better, greener and more sustainable place.  Surely there must be a plan which will enable the Suffolk House site to be developed both profitably and in harmony with the natural world and into something of which we can all be proud?  This is particularly important at this time of manifest climate change.

Secondly, we would request you consider supporting local residents who have serious concerns about the impact on parking in both the build phase and once the Suffolk House development is fully occupied. We have requested 75% cluster parking in Greenfield Avenue, Rectory Road and part of Romilly Road.  The small level of investment required by yourselves to support our local community would help to provide a more sustainable environment for daily living.

We hope you would wish to support the local area and look forward to your response. We would welcome meeting up with you to discuss this matter and our wider environmental concerns in more detail at your earliest convenience.

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