Another little green space killed off by city’s planners

A letter to the editor of the South Wales Echo, published on 29 March 2019

Recently, the Cardiff Council Planning Committee narrowly approved an application to develop the Suffolk House site on the junction between Romilly and Llandaff Roads which will involve the felling of a number of mature trees. This will change the whole character of the Conservation Area.

They did this despite the arguments of their more enlightened members and the impassioned pleas of Councillors Patel and Cunnah who have supported a large number of local residents in their desire that this development be in harmony with the environment rather than to gain short-term profit for the few in place of a cleaner happier life for all.

Another opportunity to keep our city green has been squandered in direct opposition to the city’s stated position on sustainability and environmental protection. Again, the thin end of the planning wedge has been driven into another of Cardiff’s little green spaces.

Each short-sighted decision like this may seem local and trivial to people outside the area, but together they are a crucial loss to the viability of our home city and betray a dangerously outdated state of mind.

Those who supported this decision need to consider their position on the slippery slope.

Peter Morgan

Canton, Cardiff

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